A Scripture Based Devotional for Overcomers


19 February
God’s abundant blessings come through full obedience

Here again the Scripture states that obedience is the condition or basis for God’s blessings (Deut.28:1-2; cf.Deut.26:10-19). The obedience acceptable to God for this purpose is full obedience to all His commands (Deut.28:1; cf. Deut.6:5). It is not partial or half-hearted obedience that the Lord requires for His blessings (Deut.28:1; Deut.6:5). It is not also obedience to some of His commands that is acceptable to Him (Deut.28:1). It is only full obedience to all His commands that is acceptable to Him as a basis for His blessings (Deut.28:1). One must not turn aside from His commands to the right or left. The blessings that accompany full obedience are enumerated (Deut.28:3-14). The blessings include everything that is needed for a happy and successful living (Deut.28:3-14). As was the case for the Israelites, so is it with us today: the blessings of the Lord are ours on condition or basis of full obedience to all His commands (Deut.28:1-2). The blessings are forfeited if we refuse to obey all His commands fully (Deut.28:1-2). If we desire God’s blessings, we must obey all His commands fully (Deut.28:1-2).

PRAYER: 1. Father, please enable me to obey you and all your commands fully.
2. Father, please take away the spirit of disobedience completely from me.


20 February
The best offering

By Jesus’ own measurement, the poor widow offered the best offering in the instant case(Mk.12:43-44). What makes her offering the best is not its quantity, but quality(Mk.12:43-44). Others offered huge quantities, but did not surpass her smallest amount(Mk.12:43-44). It is not the quantity of offering but its quality that counts before God(Mk.12:43-44;2Cor.9:6-7). Like Ananias and his wife, many pretend to make quality offerings to God(Acts5:1-2). But God truly loves a willing, cheerful, and generous offering(2Cor.9:6-7).

PRAYER: 1. Father, please enable me to give you quality offering always.
2. Father, please take away anything that prevents me from making quality offerings to you always.


21 February
Deut.28:15, 45
Disobedience brings God’s curses

As the Lord promised to bless those who obey Him (Deut.28:1-2), He also promised to curse those who disobey Him (Deut.28:15, 45). As obedience is the basis for His blessings (Deut.28:1-2), so is disobedience the basis for His curses (Deut.28:15, 45; cf. Deut.4:25-28). As those who obey Him are objects of His blessings (Deut.28:1-2), those who disobey Him are objects of His curses (Deut.28:15, 45; Deut.4:25-28). The curses accrue or apply to the disobedient, not the obedient (Deut.28:15, 45; Deut.4:25-28). Similarly, the blessings accrue or apply to the obedient, not the disobedient (Deut.28:1-2). The obedient cannot reap curses but blessings (Deut.28:1-2; Ps.1:1-3). In the same way, the disobedient cannot reap blessings, but curses (Deut.28:15, 45; Deut.4:25-28, Ps.1:4-6). As the blessings are enumerated (Deut.28:3-14), so are the curses (Deut.28:16-68). Full obedience to the Lord is the condition for avoiding curses (Deut.28:15, 45). One who desires to avoid His curses must be fully obedient to Him. No truly wise individual will allow himself to come under God’s curses by living a life of disobedience to Him.

PRAYER: 1. Father, please keep me from being disobedient to you in anything.
2. Father, please take the spirit of disobedience from me.
3. Father, please give me the spirit of obedience.


22 February
The Lord is our God

According to this passage, the Lord led the Israelites through the desert on their journey to the promised land and took care of their needs so that the people will know that He is their God (Deut. 29:5-6). But in spite of what He did for them, the Israelites forsook Him and worshipped the gods of the nations the Lord drove out before them. The miracles of God upon our lives are intended to reveal Him to us and draw us to Him (Deut. 29:5-6; Jn.20:30-31). Like the Israelites of old, many of us have forsaken the Lord in spite of his goodness to us. This is most unfortunate. We must learn to see God in His goodness to us and in His miraculous works on our behalf. This will bring more blessings upon our lives. But if we forsake Him in spite of His miraculous acts on our behalf, He will certainly forsake us. If His goodness and miracles do not reveal Him to us and draw us closer to Him, then His purpose for them is not being served in our lives.

PRAYER: 1. Father, please enable me to confess and acknowledge you alone as my God.
2. Father, please me to see you in your acts of goodness to me.


23 February
Jesus’ leadership example

Jesus did not only recommend a way of ministry or leadership (Mk.10:42-44; Mk.9:35-37), He used it Himself (Mk.10:45). He recommended a method that He Himself used (Mk.10:45; Jn.13:12-17). The method is so good that Jesus not only recommended it but made use of it (Mk.10:45; Jn.13:12-17). The method of ministry or leadership is the same for Jesus and His followers (Mk.10:45; Jn.13:12-17). There are not two ways, one for Jesus, the other for His followers. This is true for all generations. The path to successful ministry or leadership lies in being a servant, not a lord (Mk.10:45; Mk.9:35-37; Jn.13:12-17). This is not only the path that Jesus recommended, it is the one He used (Mk.10:45; Jn.13:12-17; Phil.2:5-11). If Jesus recommended and followed it Himself, then there is no rival or better method of ministry or leadership for us His followers than this. The way taught and followed by our Lord Jesus Himself is the best and only way for His followers, as far as ministry or leadership is concerned.

PRAYER: 1. Father, please give me a servant spirit in ministry.
2. Father, please take away a lording spirit from me.


24 February
God’s covenant must be kept

The relationship between God and the Israelites was a covenant relationship (Deut.29:1; cf.Jos.8:30-35). A covenant is an agreement between parties for a stated purpose and is based on laid out terms agreed by the parties (Deut.29:9). Parties have their respective terms to fulfill in a covenant relationship (Deut.29:9). The success of the covenant relationship depends on parties fulfilling their agreed terms (Deut.29:9). For their covenant relationship with God to work, the Israelites needed to fulfill their own terms of the covenant, as God fulfilled His own (Deut.29:9). Thus, this call by Moses (Deut.29:9). But we know that the Israelites did not fulfill their terms of the covenant (see Judg.2:7-15). They forsook the LORD, followed other gods, thereby incurring His anger (see Judg.2:7-15).

Like the Israelites, Christians are also in a covenant relationship with God (see Jer.31:31-27). This new covenant, as it is commonly called, is also based on laid out terms (see Jer.31:31-27; Gal.2:15-16; Heb.8:6-13). Like the Israelites, we must fulfill our own terms of the covenant to enjoy its benefits. We undermine the covenant when we fail to fulfill our own terms of it. Nothing undermines covenants more than the failure of parties to fulfill their agreed terms. God has always kept His own terms of the covenant. The problem has always been with us His children (Rom.3:23). Failure to keep their own terms meant disaster for the Israelites (see Judg.2:10-15). So it is with us today (see Jn.3:16,18, 36).

PRAYER: 1. Father, please enable me to keep your covenant most faithfully.
2. Father, please take everything that prevents me from keeping your covenant


25 February
1 Thess.1:4-5
The power of the gospel

Paul explains that one way by which he knows that God has chosen the Thessalonian believers to belong to Him is that the gospel came to them not simply with words, but with power (1 Thess.1:4-5). This means that the gospel came to them with the intended result or effect. It did not come to them without effect or result. This is true of all believers. The gospel is indeed a message of power (1 Cor.1:18,22-24). The gospel without divine power is no gospel at all. Therefore, anyone of whom the gospel is not efficacious cannot claim to have been chosen by God. The proof of God’s choice is in the working of His mighty power that is in the gospel upon anyone who believes (cf.Eph.1:18-22).

PRAYER: 1. Father, please let the gospel go forth with power everywhere, every time.
2. Father, please let the power of the gospel be my portion.




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